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Accelerating Clean & Climate Tech Innovation with Responsible Investing


Welcome to TACT HUB, your partner in navigating the evolving clean & climate tech investment landscape.

As the market shifts from short-term, high-value investments to more long-term, sustainable commitments,

we bridge the gap between innovative clean & climate tech solutions with leading investors seeking lasting impact.

ESG integration is shaping the investment landscape, as investors worldwide increasingly prioritize disclosure-ready solutions and startups. By demonstrating a commitment to responsible and sustainable practices, ESG-aligned businesses can access a larger pool of investment opportunities.

​We partner with regional verifiers, credit issuers, tax and auditing experts, while working to be of value to policy-shaping entities influencing the global applicability of regulatory and compliance frameworks, one use case at a time. 

ESG integration drives investment

 In 2020, global sustainable investment assets reached $35.3 trillion, a 15% increase from 2018, representing 36% of all professionally managed assets. 

According to Monolith Investments, by 2030, global sustainable investment assets are projected to reach $53.8 trillion.

Better risk management

ESG-ready startups demonstrate a commitment to addressing potential risks with stakeholders, making them more resilient in the long run. 

According to a study by BlackRock companies in the top quintile of ESG performance demonstrated 31.8% lower downside risk compared to those in the bottom quintile. 

Improved long-term performance

Improved long-term performance translates into better risk-adjusted returns (RAR), attracting longer term partners as investors.

 A study by the Global Association of Risk Professionals (GARP) found businesses with higher ESG ratings demonstrated a 40% lower cost of capital & 35% lower volatility.

Regulatory compliance & incentives

 Governments worldwide are enacting stricter regulations & policies. 

Ensure early compliance to capitalize on incentives, funding opportunities by adopting sustainable practices. According to a CB Insights report, 42% of startups fail due to a lack of product-market fit due to a lack of early regulatory alignment.

Enhanced brand reputation

 Appeal to customers, partners, and investors who prioritize sustainability & social responsibility. 

Harvard Business Review revealed that companies with strong ESG performance had a 4.8% higher stock returns compared to their peers. Accenture found 93% of CEOs believe strong ESG practices contribute to a company's success & resilience.

Water Pollution

Decentralized Wastewater Treatment



Carbon-Negative Concrete


Image by Boxed Water Is Better

Rainwater & Desalination


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Soil Microbial Ecosystem


Image by Christian Wiediger

Air Quality Open Data


"Becoming ESG Backed" 


We are gearing up to launch the "Becoming ESG Backed" - Clean & Climate Tech Accelerator Program (EU & ASEAN) which offers seed & growth stage startups (in a tailored 100 hour format): comprehensive ESG maturity, & integration strategies, pinpointing of key investor alignment strengths, opportunities for business growth & to remain competitive with potential scale & future exit partners in matured markets.

Co-create a tailored ESG roadmap designed to suit your startup's unique needs, positioning you as a leader in sustainability across emerging economies, while facilitating compliance infrastructure with key regional regulatory partners.


Frameworks like TFCD, PRI, SASB/ISSB, GRI, CDP, and labels such as B Corp, EcoVadis will also be addressed with data aggregating partners. 

The program incorporates EU-specific guidelines like NFRD, CSRD, and SFDR, along with ASEAN sustainability standards such as Singapore's SGX Sustainability Reporting, Malaysia's SRI Sukuk Framework, Indonesia's Sustainable Finance Roadmap, Thailand's ESG Disclosure Guide, and the Philippines' Sustainable Finance Framework.  

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