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The YOUTHBOARD serves as an advisory or advocacy body to sponsoring organizations or donors. The YOUTHBOARD focuses on our circular economy needs and the use of blue ocean strategies in non-profit, for-profit and public entities.

Bridge generational perspectives and enhance youth-led initiatives by sponsoring a YOUTHBOARD for a 3-week exchange sprint by emailing inspired@tacthub.com

​The YouthBoard is fully funded by TACTHUB and its partners.

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Learn to co-create, collaborate, grow,

and scale your sustainability, or charitable idea with local context.


Connect to our ecosystem and find experienced mentors or peers for an agreed upon project term.

shared Resources

Access to TACT-library, Canvas Chest and work with like-minded peers to leverage on shared knowledge.

AGILE Process

Experience our active learning approaches in swarm-structured teams, from exploration to scale.