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Polish Tech Day includes TACTHUB as community partner

Celebrating its 6th year of presenting transnational opportunities in Polish & UK investments. TACTHUB joined community partners on

Jul 8, 2020.

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Launch of #COVID19Solidarity awareness campaign, 2020

To aid the broader affected communities, TACTHUB will continously host digital fundraising events and friendly competitions.


Ireland #YOUTHBOARD Impact Legacy Worskhop, Dublin, 2019

Building legacy in the era of impact driven talent - the #YOUTHBOARD hosted the first of a global series of workshops addressing future work models.

Global investment summit on SDG Impact initiative, Oslo, 2019

“Navigating in a World of Imbalance”, with the SDG Impact Springboard event gathered Nordic investor support in Stockholm.


TACTHUB joins judging core of University Cork College's #GlobalDesign2020 hackhathon

This hackhathon focused on Sport & Physical Activity post Covid with TACTHUB judging leadership and innovation. June 17, 2020


Startup Hansa, Gdansk, 2020 interview with TACTHUB Founder 

Poonam Balan shares her perspective on the importance of diversity and organizational purpose in context to impact startups.

Women In Tech, Warsaw, 2019

with Invest in Pomerania

We kick off the Poland #YOUTHBOARD chapter celebrating women and girls in Warsaw leading cybersecurity and cryptology fields.


Highlights from Latitude44:

Canada, meet e-Estonia, 2019

In November, a significant step was taken in building a bridge between Canada and e-Estonia when it comes to everything digital and remote companies.

Image by You X Ventures

Launch of #OpenDissertationDays by the #YouthBoard

As part of a our Mental Health Awareness campaign, we launched monthly #OpenDissertationDays on June 6, 2020 to aid students in amidst the Covid lockdown.


Asia Matters, Dublin, 2019

Panel on Smarter Sustainable Cities

TACTHUB shared our view on ethical digital infrastructures and discussed city based engagement strategies with Ireland and Asia. 


Startup Hansa, Gdansk, 2019

Free Flow of Talent Expert

Keynote delivery on impact talent global trends against SDG and ESG investment regulatory and executive base pay benchmarks.


#Govtech #Civictech Personal Democracy Forum, Gdansk,  2018 

Cross sectoral moderation of a distinguished panel working to enhance citizen science led air quality efforts across 5 countries.